Coaching On Your Terms

What is Checking In? 

  • A coaching program that meets you on your terms and requires just a few minutes each week

  • A process for clarifying your priorities, developing strategies that serve those priorities, and creating accountability

  • A way to ensure that the things you are doing match the things you want to be doing

  • A mechanism to build your philosophical, spiritual, and behavioral muscles

OK, but what will We actually do? 

  • We’ll start by talking about what you want to accomplish through two meetings or calls.

  • Depending on your goals, you might take the Devine Inventory, which will enable us to determine whether your behaviors and goals match.

  • On at least a weekly basis, you’ll check in with me at a time that works for you by writing an email, recording a voice memo, or otherwise taking time to reflect. I’ll respond to each check-in, and you can hear my feedback on your own time-whenever works for you. Some clients work with me nearly every day through an app like Voxer so that I can coach them through difficult situations in real time.

Why Aren’t we having more scheduled meetings?

  • Most of us are already struggling to fit the things we want to do in our calendars.

  • I want to hear from you when you are mentally present — on your schedule, not mine.

  • Scheduled conversations often turn into performance art. I want to hear and help with what’s really going on in your world.

  • Developing a pattern of reflecting for a few minutes each week will serve you well when our work together ends.

HOW DO you respond to my check-ins?

  • I’ll be like a journal that talks back to you. I’ll ask questions, offer suggestions, and tell you what I hear in your words.

  • I’ll push against and call out behaviors and thoughts that contradict your stated goals.

  • I’ll help you process where you are and where you want to go next.

When would this program be useful for me? 

  • You feel stuck in some way — professionally or personally — and aren’t sure what your next step should be.

  • You are in a role that challenges you and need someone to offer you feedback, ideas, and occasional direction.

  • You have a specific goal in mind but aren’t making progress toward accomplishing it.

  • You feel disappointed by the current state of your life.

  • The way you’re spending your time doesn’t line up with what’s most important to you.

What do I do next if I’m ready to check in?

  • Please email me to discuss your needs and the appropriate program for you.